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Information on the suction cup massage thing:

It's called cupping (which I had to triple check bc it sounds so much like a kink thing) and you can apparently buy your own cupping set for like $30 online? Or so my OT says.

Including pics of the set she uses (not sure if it's a cheap one).

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cartoon ec, Princess Tutu room in ACNH 

I made that one room, you know the one.

Nowadays I see a room in a videogame and immediately make it in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing horror, meat room 

I made the meat room

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I thought I posted these already, but can't find them...

yet more Silent Hill 2 places in

DMMD Koujaku route 

Aoba's sprite after he gets his haircut

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DMMD Koujaku route 

the game zoomed in on this CG of Aoba's bedroom and now I'm so distracted....half the outlines are sketches?? While the other half are solid lines??

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