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Not to post about niche phone games again, but I love this character from Shining Nikki

(Her name is Ai, like A.I.......but also she's a virtual idol....)

I love the wild tonal shifts in this song

(Jumpin' from the Dislyte OST. Also it's a banger)

It's done 🌸 my Neon and my friend's fursona (also named Neon) for artfight

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drawn injury, blood 

didn't come out quite how I wanted it to so I'll probably try to redo this one day, but:

heart monitor hair

Me: Sure, I'll try some titled perspective in my drawing. What's the worst that could happen?

My sketch:

I think some of your would be very interested in Heng Yue the bunny mommy

(please play Dislyte with me)

Lain fanart, drawn ec 

Hoping praying etc that I don't find any more reasons to reupload this again

does anyone else randomly remember that part of when Kenma got really horny about having a knife fight with Hinata? Like he fantasized about it constantly?

when people reblog my OC art on tumblr and put nice things in the tags... :teal_heart:

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