doll ec (kinda. It's an anime figure) 

thinking about this Lain figure.

Objectively, it's a gorgeous figure. The hair, the delicate wrinkles in the clothing, the expression. It's beautiful. but it's not Lain. It's not my beautiful baby girl.

Lain Iwakura doesn't have much in the way of curves. She's a little stick of a girl. Even in her thinnest clothes (which are Not usually suctioned to her skin) there's nothing to look at. They sexified my child. For shame.

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a lot of fanartists do this to her too. No. Wrap her in a bundle of layers like she belongs. Let her be a nondescript rectangle.

and if you're going to draw her in form-fitting clothes, make it her being a cool kid like they do in the official art.

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