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Yo, I'm Noiz and I'm a bastard. I'm a twink. I'm cringe but I'm free.

I'm chronically ill and regularly talk about my misadventures with the medical field and my broken fucking body (both of which I also occasionally sexualize. I gotta get my kicks in somewhere).

I also talk about nerdcore rap, fandom, being a pastel e-boy, my love/hate relationship with yaoi, and occasionally creative writing projects.

Maybe follow if you're interested in:

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Why would anyone follow me on Twitter when they could follow me here and see me pick apart the narrative themes of obscure manga series they've never heard of?

I just had to ask someone what gel eyeliner was 😔 I'm an infant child (of doing makeup)

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Love to learn new skills, hate to ask beginner questions and doom myself to the Baby Realm

I look up a popular fandom tag

I am immediately assaulted by the worst opinions known to man

I leave the tag

Okay, Hawks eyeliner envy is not Quite defeated. What I've created is a very conservative, coward's Hawks. But we're getting there.

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People on my TL keep talking about Amity, and I keep assuming they're talking about the plucky protagonist of Puyo Puyo.

They are never talking about Amity Puyo Puyo.

Tumblr store was announced Today (as far as I'm aware) and there are already items that are sold out....

just read the word "twinkling" and thought "ah, a small twink" I'm logging off forever

Anyway. Life is soup and I am becoming knife that chops bowl in half with one swipe

Sleep is starting to drag me into it's reach but I want to draw more OC art....

in absence of an alternative here's a random piece of fanart I found on Google to illustrate how I feel.

While I know it's an unlikely dream, I'd love Terminal Status to get popular enough to get people asking me about the details.

I want to explain all the medical equipment I model the world off of, and talk about aesthetic inspirations, & admit to stealing all the poses in my art from the Puyo Puyo official artbook.

turns out when I put filters on my x-rays it turns out Fucking Sick

How my brain works lately:

-Wake up 5pm
-Be tired
-9pm, get Extremely Tired
-midnight, Suddenly SO awake
-productivity hours until sunrise
-7am fall asleep

anyway I hate it

trying to learn how to do lineless shit so I can help with the art on my webcomic (remember when I was working on a webcomic? lol that sure hasn't updated)

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