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okay, think I'm gonna start packing my bags and relocating to @cyberpunkboytoy

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New introduction post 

Yo, I'm Noiz and I'm a bastard. I'm a twink. I'm cringe but I'm free.

I'm chronically ill and regularly talk about my misadventures with the medical field and my broken fucking body (both of which I also occasionally sexualize. I gotta get my kicks in somewhere).

I also talk about nerdcore rap, fandom, being a pastel e-boy, my love/hate relationship with yaoi, and occasionally creative writing projects.

Maybe follow if you're interested in:

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Why would anyone follow me on Twitter when they could follow me here and see me pick apart the narrative themes of obscure manga series they've never heard of?

also going to put one of these into the world:

if you need somewhere to migrate from to and you aren't shitty, g.s registrations are set to 'approval' but i approve pretty much anyone who looks like they aren't a spambot as soon as i notice/get notified

and i'll be keeping a pretty close eye on that for the next little while

okay, that's it for my deep dive. There were more posts to look at but I apparently stopped being funny in 2020.

I'm looking at some of the buckwild genres Spotify tells me I listen to and I've decided to change my name to Kawaii Future Bass.

You ever think about Stage 2 Sasuke's lipstick? Or Sage Mode Naruto's eyeliner? The popularity of the Naruto series should have normalized hot sexy man makeup

Me getting on the bus: Where we dropping, boys?

The problem with pages like this is I know I'm going to spend the rest of the chapter thinking about how that food needed to be put in the fridge.

"Tell me more about yourself" no. Instead let me regale you with this 5 page essay concerning my thoughts about manga.

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Hello, here is a thread of legendary AMVs for your viewing pleasure.

While it attempts to present itself as a magical girl series, Princess Tutu is actually a sports anime. In this essay I will

"Hey you lil’ piss baby, you think you’re so fucking cool? Huh? You think you’re so fucking tough? You talk a lotta big game for someone with such a small truck"

-great American philosopher Laura Les

"Have you had The Surgery?" nah, unfortunately I'm still walking with flesh and bone instead of cool robot legs. I did, however, replace my dick with a joystick.

It is not only well and good, but actually Powerful to process your trauma through queer erotica fanfiction

just wanna come home at the end of a long day and bite down into a nice, crisp floppy

"b-boy x e-boy": a thrilling romance story where a cool dancer falls in love with me, and he's so good at dancing and so cool, and is my boyfriend

Fun new game: finding bnha fanart with Bakugo and commenting "you forgot to draw Naruto's whiskers"

Being disabled is, by definition, the state of not being able to read fanfiction on your phone comfortably

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