seems like ssdnodes is "experiencing a higher than expected load", so is down for now, hopefully they'll resolve it soon

if you can read this I didn't mess up the awoospace server migration

turns out it takes a while to run 11GB of SQL, who knew

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copying stuff between the servers is kinda…slow? as in, 15MB/s

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@patience you have a youtube embed open, please stop spreading misinformation

Give a person a program and frustrate them for a day.

Teach a person to program and frustrate them for a lifetime.

Sshnodes is having an outage, so is down. I'm sure their tech kobolds are working hard to bring it back up! :janiawoo:

sorry about awoospace being down, I'm working on it, webpacker is being a butt

@calvin hey, in case no one has told you yet, your instance has a bug right now that makes it get stuck in some sidekiq task

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