okay yeah, customer support is confirming that there's a "temporary issue"

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it says "Task in progress", but not what the task is…

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seems like awoospace is down because ssdnodes is having trouble?

done, I guess? It was suprisingly painless, the test scripts complete now so I'm hoping I fixed it and it'll just come back up

if you ever posted something twice, it's gone now*

*it doesn't actually work that way

running a Mastodon instance is a fucking nightmare if you don't somehow already know everything about the tech involved, and then the documentation drops gems like this

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SSDnodes has fast storage so I'm hoping this won't take all night

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I've decided to hopefully finally fix awoospace's database, wish me luck

ssdnodes is migrating the awoo.space VM now, I don't think it'll take long

seems like ssdnodes is "experiencing a higher than expected load", so awoo.space is down for now, hopefully they'll resolve it soon

if you can read this I didn't mess up the awoospace server migration

turns out it takes a while to run 11GB of SQL, who knew

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