Just finished Non-Player Character by @vicorva ! I was excited when I first read the kickstarter pledge, and the final book did not disappoint!

It's a story of found family, queerness, and learning more about yourself in a magical portal fantasy with a happy ending. It features characters with anxiety, autism, chronic pain, and all manner of sexualities! It's so much my shit and I'm so glad it exists in the world!

More details about the book with links to purchase it can be found here:

@nleigh @vicorva Thank you for sharing. I'm excited to read this.

@nleigh this is wonderful! Thanks so much for this lovely review. 💙

All I really want is to write things that are somebody's shit tbh! :blobCatAww:

@vicorva it was so good! i love how much polymorphing was going on! The wyvern morph in particular felt very authentic 🐲

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