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"The most important thing we can do, the most formidable blow we can strike against our true enemy, is to offer irrational grace: to choose unreasonable hope and unreasoning compassion even if it goes against calculated advantage.

It is only by disregarding the logic of mere survival that we can create a possibility of existence outside that logic. "

Ikora Rey, Hidden Dossier

<3 @therisingtithes

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i keep thinking "free and open horse software", then I'm reminded that exists

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I may be biased, but autistic trans women are fucking awesome and deserve all the good things

This is so wholesome!

"We Spoke With the Last Person Standing in the Floppy Disk Business"
"Turns out the obsolete floppy is way more in demand than you’d think"

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Silver whiskers and golden eyes gleamed in the dim crescent moonlight; the cat was a deep blue that faded into the shadows seamlessly.

The kittens with it all matched, except one that had a single snowy paw. I reached out to that one - it stood firm while the rest fled.

"Courageous," I whispered.

The kitten purred as it crawled onto my hand, curling up.

Then I climbed up the stairs and took my place on the witch-queen's throne.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #Fantasy

Sharing Destiny lore with @therisingtithes never fails to brighten my day 💜⚪️🔺

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Fuck it *turns into a honey bee and pollinates your flowers*

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"I am nuclear powered"

"because of the sun?"

"no." *ejects spent RTG cartridge*

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Good morning, everypony! In today's hot new episode of We Were Hit By A Horse Truck And Got Isekai'd Into Equestria, we answer your burning listener questions! We dig deep into the mailbag and get the really good letters out, just for you!

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I wish that the murderbot thing of being able to unobtrusively send people feed messages during a spoken conversation was a thing

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There are two wolves inside you.

Also two pandas. And two lions. And two rockhopper penguins, and two sunda pangolins.

Also, two rather unhappy moles who wish to know where all the soil went.

You are Noah's Ark, and you are uncertain how you know this, or when you gained the capacity for thought or introspection.

There is only sea, all around; the rain has not yet stopped.

There are two wolves inside you, and you were built to keep them safe until the dawn.

#MicroFiction #creativetoots

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tbh my species is always "cartoon character" just with different modifiers added on to that

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trans thoughts, online personas (long) 

One thing the internet has really helped with is establishing online personas for trans ppl.

For cis people, anonymous internet IDs are imaginary personas that we use to live in a make believe world.

For me, as a closeted trans person, I think it's the opposite: The physical world gave us an undesired physical persona that we cannot control, the internet allows us to create virtual personas where we can really be ourselves.

When I see trans people online, these are their real selves. Our online personas ARE us.

The average cis person may think "it's a dude playing a girl", but after experiencing what is it to be trans, I can no longer see it that way.

When I see trans people online, their online aliases feel way more real than their physical counterparts. I see a trans girl, I imagine her voice, her appearance to match their profile picture, and somehow... it clicks.

This is who they really are, and I can only hope that they find the means to bring that ideal to life, through surgery, hormones, etc.

So, thank you for this one, internet. For giving us a space where we can really be.

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having a body is such a scam. im supposed to eat?? wash??? how much time is that NOT spent making music. wtf
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if u trans ur gender in the matrix, u trans ur gender in real life

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