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if you or someone you know is in possession of assets, source code, or otherwise proprietary files "owned" by a game publisher or studio you may be entitled to be cool and leak their shit.

please contact us at your earliest continence by emailing or

alternatively contact @deletescape. while not directly involved in this project they love crime and would (probably) happily information for you.

windevine drm 101: "DRM levels" (L1, L2, L3) 

widevine has three different levels of DRM for extra evil.

you may have heard "L1", "L2, or "L3" before but have no idea what they mean.

widevine l1 allows for any infected content to be played back. widevine l2 allows resolutions up to 540p, l3 maxes out at 480p.

each widevine l1 "enabled" device is certified by Google. Google verifies that the cryptography is sound per-device so no user will be able to extract the keys (at least in theory). it also must perform "content processing" (like adding gross watermarks). the DRM is processed in the trusted execution environment (TTE) of the CPU.

l2 does some cryptography on-device and must be certified by google, but content processing does not take place.

finally, l3 requires no approval from google, just a binary.

this makes an l1 keybox a rarity.

to extract l1 keys you need a device with a flawed implementation that neither google nor the engineers working on the device noticed in time to fix before production.

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windevine drm 101: why decryption keys are not published by scene groups 

it is more or less an "open secret" that widevine keys have been extracted by various scene groups and are passed around between friends. so why are none of them shared publicly?

this is because google has the ability to remotely revoke widevine keys, rendering them useless. given their relative difficulty to extract they aren't shared publicly almost ever. when they are they're rendered useless as soon as google finds them.

there is also a nasty watermarking scheme implemented. that scheme has been defeated now, but for a while it meant widevine keys were basically "one use" (upon sharing decrypted video content). you could tell what widevine keys were used to dump what based on the steganography in the video(s) . early on you would have to sacrifice entire devices (commonly the 2015 nvidia shield tv) for each new release (or release batch). that problem is solved now, but google's ability to revoke keys is still an unfixable problem.

O.K., one final toot on DHTs to clarify some false marketting!

DHTs can loose data. The difference is that it's more like a human forgetting something due to it becoming irrelevant to them than like invoking your Right To Be Forgotten on Google. Cryptographers have even proposed using this to share time-limited secrets!

It is possible for DHTs to enforce *some* invariants by not forwarding/storing invalid data.

I am very keen on adding a DHT to my browsers given it protects privacy!


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DHTs are the techniqued used to store data P2P, though usually there's layers of indirection to balance network costs & often fail to protect privacy. You may have heard of Bittorrent, GNUNet, IPFS, or Dat?

If a DHT's keys are hash of their value (as in many of those examples) it's called a Content Addressed Store.

DHTs were retrospectively to earlier successful P2P like Bittorrent & Tor networks to replace centralized components. Though it took too long for GNU Jami to add it to SIP.


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Today & maybe tomorrow I'd like to describe the basic theory behind various techniques for building distributed software. What some of the main building blocks are, how they work as nontechnically & briefly as I can, what they're useful for, and namedrop some implementations you might have heard of.

Feel free to expand on this thread with more indepth links or other techniques I've overlooked!

Explicitly out-of-scope is cryptography, that'll be discussed another day.


its international womens day, time to help roxie, who is woman (with a sandwich (hungy))

for real tho I basically work part time and spend a lot of money on transitioning so every little helps thanks
#mutualaid #transcrowdfund

if you or someone you know is in possession of assets, source code, or otherwise proprietary files "owned" by a game publisher or studio you may be entitled to be cool and leak their shit.

please contact us at your earliest continence by emailing or

alternatively contact @deletescape. while not directly involved in this project they love crime and would (probably) happily information for you. is live, ipfs webring starts now, ipns addresses for pinning (4/4) 

finally, we leave you with the ipns addresses used for and its subdomains. please pin these if you can, it helps us (and the network as a whole) more than almost anything else you can do. even if your node isn't constantly running it helps a ton.

music rips (currently 40GB of music, will increase with time): /ipns/k51qzi5uqu5dm7kx0elk37fqwox183iit95dmidub5webajingu9n4nnbxj46f

site itself (about a megabyte of html lol): /ipns/k51qzi5uqu5di163i4mwur7esg9oxq9apljsr7ttho33jjszk6om3l6pmt9yh8

for more about how ipns works, look here:

feel free to ask us questions in replies or by email, too.

Show thread is live, ipfs webring starts now, feedback needed on accessibility (3/4) 

we want to be a safe haven for pirates and preservationists. too often people trying to preserve culture are labelled as thieves for doing something as simple as sharing an innocent piece of sound or their favorite game. this is not acceptable. since change clearly isn't coming through legal means, we must commit the crime of stealing back our culture.

preservation and piracy should be inclusive. if you have suggestions for improving accessibility to those with visual or auditory impairment, please let us know asap.

Show thread is live, ipfs webring starts now (2/4) 

if you have any media you believe is in dangerous of vanishing, send it our way. email and we can go from there. if the media is already on ipfs, please send us the ipfs/ipns addresses.

if you would like to leak art assets, source code, or documentation from your current employer, former employer, or just some studio you hacked, email us and we can talk over matrix.

we now have 8TB of pinning space available (minus the 40GB of live content). is hosted fully on ipfs, meaning that the data is safe so long as we have people willing to pin it. it also means that domain seizures are useless. just points to a public ipfs gateway. if you visit with your ipfs node running and the ipfs companion browser extension installed it will instantly redirect you to your local node instead of the public gateway.

Show thread is live, ipfs webring starts now (1/4) 

we're live!

sorry for the delay and radio silence.

music/soundtrack rips can be found at we faced some issues getting everything up and running and decided it would be better to focus on fixing those than to try to meet an arbitrary deadline.

the best thing you can do to help is to pin some or all rips to your ipfs node.

thank you to the anonymous pinners who have helped up ensure the site stays up on launch.

more things are going to be added soon (actually soon this time).

we tried to fix this but given it was a last minute issue the reality is that its just going to take a bit to recompress everything. lossless compression takes a lot of compute, and even throwing all of our cores theres no way it can be launched today (at least with the music on it, which is the point of the site). we also dont want to rush things our and publish files that are corrupt or incomplete. thank you to kaizo for catching the issue (even if we had to delay because of it).

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launch of has been delayed until febuary 3rd (gmt). we didn't want to push it back but there was an issue doing the final round of compression on multiple rips. nothing is lost or permanently broken, we just need time to fix this.

in an age where most government and corporate infrastructure is digital, smashing stacks isn't just an effective form a protest, its a necessary one.

amazon has already attempted to delay the vote on their unionization multiple times. don't let them fuck over people who are paid less then jeff bezos spends on his electric bill. minimum wage in alabama is $7.25 an hour and the state is one of the poorest in the country. help them unionize: both for their sake and for future organizers at other amazon warehouses.

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send detailed fake reports to amazon's union busting website about the warehouse unionizing in Bessemer, Alabama. make up names of people pushing for it from the outside and say they're part of some vague leftist organization ("antifa!!!!!11!!"). they'll read those very carefully and follow up every lead considering it is the first amazon warehouse in the US to successfully organize. the vote on unionization at the warehouse is coming up soon, so buy our comrades some time. :metal_paw:

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