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im going to order new frames (to replace the ones that were "lost")

the first pair is what i had previously, but i dont know if i should pick a different frame?

any opinions fedi?

@hierarchon @codl Hey I just bought 39 gecs the other day and they might be yours? Please get in touch, we'll work this out

@codl only the 61 gecs that I kept in a cold wallet were safe :(

i dont even need to change any words in money machine to make it about bitcoin

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stupid apes i just fell out of the porsche, lost the monkeys in my 'thereum oh no

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just cooked my first vantaburger EVER 

and it tastes DELISH

burnana 🔥🍌 (cw: food crime) 

i did it!!!!!!!!

it's fuckin great lol

especially mixed with bacon

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if you could have lunch with any celebrity, living or dead, which would you choose?

burnana 🔥🍌 (cw: food crime) 

@vantablack Hell yeah! That looks really good!

If you can find plantains, they work well like this too!

why do they call them pill cutters and not "pillotines"

good gender news!!!!! 

however small the steps i've taken may be in the grand scheme of things

i finally started voice training today 😄

@vantablack how has nobody done 3d print of this yet? or better yet make from actual wood, that would be amazing

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