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I made Sanbeiji today! “Three-cup chicken” with some fresno peppers and scallions

It’s kinda sweet kinda spicy
Really nice for a first try

selfie, no ec 

I bought black liquid lipstick
It makes me feel good things

food, HOT SAUSE 

a bottle of orange hotsauce. The label says HOT SAUSE with the word sauce misspelled. The label is slanted, the text is slanted the opposite way so it is almost even.

mh, Steven Universe 

Steven: I went to therapy
Connie: really? How did it go?
Steven: i helped my therapist overcome his past traumas
Connie: you accomplished literally the opposite of what we sent you there for

gaming gtav 

Rockstar need to update traffic and vehicle cargo to include all cars, not just the ones from 6 years ago

This game makes me want to scream inside 

Scrabble says AAIEEEE


So the party is over and we have like 4 gallons of frozen margarita left

Got my big cup out

holidays, media 

This is your annual reminder that Die Hard was actually originally a pagan festival.

xmas memes 

Seven swans to rule them all,
Six geese to find them,
Five rings to bring them all,
And in the pear tree bind them


I pay attention to who reacts on my posts because, as soon as i get rich, im buying you all fruit gummy

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