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cw: ingersoll, racism against bipoc & disabled staff, call to action Seattle/WA 

We demand accountability. Stand with Black, POC & Disabled Trans Staff & Former Staff at Ingersoll Gender Center. Sign the petition:


There is more information, and testimonials from those affected here:

su movie spoilers 

spinel holds a rod and presses a button. she looks concerned

cannabis, food 

For the council’s consideration:
Weed lasagna

If you use a strain like Durban Poison you get the taste of basil and that should make for a fairly decent pasta seasoning???

plants, askin for help, seattle 

My sister moved out of Seattle and we have her plants. They're probably not going to survive the winter unless they find a new home, where they can be indoors. (We have cats who are troublemakers)

Snake plant
Asparagus Fern
Sweetheart Philo (?)

I can get some pics later

garfield, food, pizza 

this is a real thing? Garfield eats?

It's a webpage showing garfield pizza, pizza shaped like the face of popular anime character garfield by Jim Davis

dream, food 

The crispt things were like big pretzel donuts, thin like these, unflavored, sorta more buttery than salty

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Steven Universe: the Movie Spoilers (Real!) 

Here is Steven with Greg.

Here is Steven and Greg fusing.

Here is Steg singing “Independent Together”

Here is Steg flying with Opal, Lion, and Garnet, all glowing pink.

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edgy lyrics analysis, a scene from a violent video game 

Let’s go down the rabbit hole…to hell.

cannabis-based puns, general television while I grew up 

Are you kids smoking pot?

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food-based puns, kung fury quotes 

Oh no! I’m hacking too much thyme!


This is basically what I wanted, just need to create an image in GIMP with a free blocky font in purple-black

A shirt with yellow-black stripes that go up to the top of the shoulder

It says HAZARD on the center

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fallout, hydration, very serious 

I take a sip

From my trusty Vault 13 Canteen

*I’m drinking like a gallon of water from a huge pitcher through a straw*

Gender? Isn't that a spice?

nah you're thinking about ginger. gender is a kind of pokemon.

Naw, that's Gengar, Gender is a dating app for men.

Nooo, thats Grind. Gender is a group of male goose.

picard with cleavage 

the main cast of Star Trek: TNG, except everyone else has Deanna's cleavage uniform photoshopped on in their usual uniform color and skintone

food, Pink Floyd 

I made guacamole with “seasoned rice wine vinegar” instead of lemon and it’s really nice on this sourdough baguette my sister gave me

I am also listening to Dark Side of the Moon and journaling

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