We were doing some kind of left4dead training exercise and when we finished checking all the rooms and avoiding the obvious zombie traps, we only had to destroy like 2 zombies. Then we heard the person locked in the final room. Not sure why we did not let her out but she gave us some coordinates that we looked up on the wiki.

We were actually in this world and it was real but we had access to a wiki about it on our phones?
I think because it was a training exercise.


Anyways we then had to kill all the flies and moths and bugs in the building.

I got sad because some of the baking trays of crispy biscuits I had baked got knocked into the cloudy void below and despawned because I was using the baking trays as jumping platforms. I figured I was getting stressed and it was fine to just bake more later. Gotta kill those moths first.


Just normal things all around


dream, food 

The crispt things were like big pretzel donuts, thin like these, unflavored, sorta more buttery than salty

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