Steven Universe: the Movie Spoilers (with a twist) 

Greg starts the movie off by DMing a dnd game where he introduces “Universe from Xanthar”, a very powerful 4-armed Giant Wizard.

He uses several wish spells to max out his stats, and to give him two extra arms, and to restore his full head of hair.

The increase to his CHA and his luscious locks give him enough power to fly and he can even bring all the gems with him, by carrying Steven on his back, and levitating Lion, Garnet, and Opal.

Steven Universe: the Movie Spoilers (with a twist) 

He basically has Diamond powers.

He just uses all this to sing an epic song about being independent, but also staying together with your family.

Steven thinks this is super rad, but then doesn’t feel so hot when someone shows him google search results that say “Your idea (using a 2-handed weapon [double guitar] and a shield) is honestly overpowered. It would mean giving all the damage potential of using such a weapon, and none of the drawback.”

Steven Universe: the Movie Spoilers (with a twist) 

This is a real google search result for trying to make a giant four handed character in dnd5e

Also this is not a shitpost this is sort of what happens in the movie. Details to follow in separate post.


Steven Universe: the Movie Spoilers (Real!) 

Here is Steven with Greg.

Here is Steven and Greg fusing.

Here is Steg singing “Independent Together”

Here is Steg flying with Opal, Lion, and Garnet, all glowing pink.

Steven Universe: the Movie Spoilers (Real!) 

Those image descriptions might have got flipped, hm

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