HHHHHhhhhhh I'm straight

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@SamanthaCayne *channels straightness* huh she's lying on the floor, THAT'S NOT HOT THAT'S NOT HOT HHHHHHHH

@desvox @SamanthaCayne channeling "straightness"? are you sure that's a real thing? sounds pretty fake to me

@nilaky @SamanthaCayne nonononoNONO I assure you I am a child of God™ and am straight as an arrow! I support God™'s image and God™'s plan! 🙏
@nilaky @SamanthaCayne *heterosexual awkward silence*

*heterosexually pulls out her HeteroPhone 69S and texts her youth group leader*
@nilaky @SamanthaCayne
:clippy: This conversation seems to have died. Would you like some Jesus™?

@desvox @SamanthaCayne reviving conversations like this without going lewd is new to me

Here's a video where clippy defeats some Alexa-like smart helper thing and takes over the internet:


@desvox @nilaky @SamanthaCayne I like how I happened to see this because I absolutely love that song.

@abby @desvox @SamanthaCayne Yeah!

their videos feel kinda corny the second and third watches thru, but I love this band!

@abby @desvox @SamanthaCayne I absentmindedly use the word "band" to describe any group of 2-or-more artists I think, hehe

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