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food, surreal 

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I used to not entirely get the non-binary hoodie jokes before but now I have my mail forwarded to my hoodie and this is my home now.

does anybody have a copy of a VM with the earliest possible version of powerpoint, I have an annual corporate presentation to write

cc @SuricrasiaOnline

@witchfynder_finder @pizza that postboy outfit is absolutely iconic. I would also like to add this early bulma outfit that is pretty sick

post your favorite Dragonball outfits, mine is Krillin w Tacos shirt

I'm gonna write a story about a brooding hero that has to come to terms with his biggest fear: to betray the state that raised him
but in doing so he strives to respect every other citizen who has done nothing wrong (the wealthy white cishet abled men of the usa)

capitalism meme 

there are only a few useful project length estimates in programming

"30 minutes", "a few days", "multiple engineers for multiple months", and "fuck you for asking"

2020 goals 

2020 goals 

donʼt talk to me about your fancy “Unicode” shenanigans unless youʼre going to go all-in⸮

can I get some incantation to destroy cis nerds? thanks

the weapons breaking in breath of the wild is actually a metaphor for the joy-cons, which are quite fragile

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