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just cooked my first vantaburger EVER 

and it tastes DELISH

vanta selfie!!!!! (cw: gender terrorism, eye contact) 

:blacker_heart_outline: :black_sparkles_outline:

burnana 🔥🍌 (cw: food crime) 

i did it!!!!!!!!

it's fuckin great lol

especially mixed with bacon

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if you could have lunch with any celebrity, living or dead, which would you choose?

why do they call them pill cutters and not "pillotines"

good gender news!!!!! 

however small the steps i've taken may be in the grand scheme of things

i finally started voice training today 😄

we watched dogma today

as soon as i saw this scene towards the end i knew what i had to edit together

check it out!!!!

SPOILER WARNING for the ending of that movie

-: i am 14 and this is deep

+: i am 14 and i want to see how deep the rabbithole goes

kink, food, subtoot / 18+ 

@nilaky instructions unclear: got dick stuck in bagel

kink, food, subtoot 

@nilaky this is so many sorts of "nilaky put my posts in a blender"

kink, food, subtoot 

valid to want someone pissing in your face everyday

also bagels are lewd as fuck why do people argue about this

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