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Hi it’s nilaky
I don’t know much about my identity, but everything lewd is cool

I play games, but I tend to get real addicted to one or two, so I haven’t played many. PvE/casual is most comfortable
My main games:
Path of Exile/Minecraft/Starcraft2/Overwatch

I’m into scifi/fantasy especially with a hard-magic system or similar. Live action, cartoon, anime, or written works.

I work in tech/software, but I also love primitive skills and crafts, the more exotic the better

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hey y'all know those assholes who have shitty pickup trucks and roll coal and shit?

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

i especially don't appreciate your shitty truck giving Elly an asthma attack

I guide others to a treasure I cannot obtain
Also they’re not paying attention
I think we’re on different instances
Oh wait no we’re not even playing the same game

my porn name is red velvet and all my films are cupcake-themed

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suggestion for cis ppl (& binary ppl in general) - a big reason it is helpful to put your pronouns in your bio is not just because you want people to gender you correctly, it is also because it normalizes the practice, & makes it harder for transphobes to harass trans/NB people

seems like people who create websites are forgetting that page titles are still useful

how am i supposed to find a link i bookmarked earlier when i need it if the only thing its title is saying is "pleroma" or "x's blog"? and if someone shares it in a messenger, the preview will not tell them anything

please, set titles to something reasonable. i love how mastodon does it, an excerpt of a toot. and if your blog post has a title (most probably), why not use it.

I haven’t been as productive as I should be lately

extreme audio / visual hazard? Show more

extreme audio / visual hazard? Show more

oh uhhhhhi detailed the horns, im gonna do more stuff with them later

im breaking

Just a regular reminder that "punishable by fine" means "legal for rich people."

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