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Hi it’s nilaky
I don’t know much about my identity, but everything lewd is cool

I play games, but I tend to get real addicted to one or two, so I haven’t played many. PvE/casual is most comfortable
My main games:
Path of Exile/Minecraft/Starcraft2/Overwatch

I’m into scifi/fantasy especially with a hard-magic system or similar. Live action, cartoon, anime, or written works.

I work in tech/software, but I also love primitive skills and crafts, the more exotic the better

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the P in JPEG stands for photographic, so JPEG is pronounced "jay-feg"

me: i mean like, 365 is a big number
little brother: nah its not
me: can you count it on your fingers
lb: *puts one finger up* three hundred
lb *puts another finger up* sixty
lb: *puts a third finger up* five

It turns out my mom’s hair was grey the whole time

It turns out the My Immortal fanfic author was gay the whole time

Anyone ever done a non-femme Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way cosplay or fanart? Can’t find one yet.

It turns out the My Immortal fanfic author was gay the whole time

oh god im being awkward on fedi help help help help

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Me: ....which explains why I'm a huge slut.
Teacher: sir, this is an economics class

anyone: *says something that isn't positive to me constructively*
me, to myself: okay, calm down, don't take it personally

@vantablack you have no idea how many times I've seen I7s.webm in my downloads folder, wondered what it was, and had the reminder piped directly into our spine.

unfortunately I think by now I've learned.

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@laser u gonna toot mastodon meta memes im gonna quote Nickelback at u

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