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transphobic white supremacy adjacent shitpost 

oh god oh fuck

i put on a skirt but i

i forgot to consider the utter fragility of western civilization and now it's collapsing oh nooooooo

which is a better display name?

If you're not feeling well, it is because Earth is in Republigrade

Crates will be distributed on usb sticks using amazons already existing physical content delivery network

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@objelisks @mhoye wow what kind of "network block" is so incredibly crappy that it can be defeated by web browser right-clickers?

The onus is on web creators to make sure the source they push to clients is not sensitive. This "solution" is a joke.


Salt can’t be the only delicious rock. I’m going to eat rocks to find the good ones. I bet they’re trying to keep them from us


fun fact: there's a statue of me at the university of chicago

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