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hey all, there's a rash of http2 vulnerabilities going around c/o Netflix today.

the default mastodon nginx config has http2 enabled, and nginx is affected (in one form or another) by three of these attacks, so you should upgrade nginx as soon as possible:

sometimes you stop caring about homestuck for what is probably realistically 2 years at this point and then you get hit some feelings about Vriska.

millennium actress is playing in a theater near me tomorrow and i need to figure out how to get out and see it because i missed perfect blue when it came back to theaters and i'm still mad about it

long, biking 

Sometimes I feel like a parent in a toy store:

Me: Put the logo back. I don't care if you like this logo, we already have one at home. You got logo redesign money???

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gadit @gaditb is the only motherfucker on this network that can handle me

@nightpool "*CSB animation voice* Despite safety protocols suggesting generated passphrases for all databases regardless of use, the test database, initially filled with bogus data, was created with a simple single-word password.
As the test database was used for more purposes, the company failed to complete any re-evaluations of the access mechanisms required to bring them in line with the safety protocols applying to the new uses.

America has a bad case of toxic nationalism. 🇺🇸🔫

Guys: is it gay to correlate? You're pretty much just bearing a reciprocal or mutual relation 😳😳🤔

Magistrate detects thief's complicity
by associating cut hand
with companion's severed head.

i was not, in fact, "born this way."


i was born much MUCH smaller

An actor can allow another actor to tell them what to become, but only if they consensually pass the authority to do that to the other actor. I suspect that'll be rare.

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