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@KittyUnpretty i can't send you asks anymore apparently but those youtube jokes sure do be hitting differently in 2020 huh

going to start printing out the immer documentation and nailing it to my colleagues' doors, 95-theses-style.

Help I Joined A Discord Specifically To Avoid The Hassle Of Being In A Blaseball Team And You Won't Believe What Happened

UK passport requirements are straight-up "you can only leave our country if you're personal friends with an accountant" and everybody is just like. OK with that????

shit, it looks like I fucked up my dev-tools-fu and accidentally fluted back to my original team 😭 someone else will have to do this

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hey would anyone hate me if I fluted to the PODS for science


I think it's so important with online friendships to sometimes take people off the lists you read a lot, or temporarily mute them, etc, if they're getting on your nerves

Because with an irl friend you'd give someone space if they're being a jerk, you wouldn't continue to listen and start to analyze everything they said for evidence that their true nature is bad/abusive, the way we do online

nba (uta/den), covid 

thinking about how I still don't even get to hug my friends right now but basketball players get to hug their rivals

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I just patted the concrete support pillar in the middle of our living room twice and said "you know I'm gonna miss this big guy when we move" moderation 

since viomi was unwilling to listen to the people most affected by the situation with Mint and admit that shiv was causing further harm with ver actions earlier today, ver account here has been locked. being nominally anti‐racist or having some BIPOC in support of your actions doesn’t give you a free pass to ignore the voices of the BIPOC most affected by the events at hand, and in this case those people were not being listened to.

please reach out to @LadyKIBI, @nightpool and myself if you have questions about this decision

hey! sorry about that, we're back now! i'm gonna be adding some SSL certificate monitoring to make sure that doesn't happen in the future 😅

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