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hi everyone!

I'm 20yo college student into computers (programming & Linux). I enjoy collecting stamps/banknotes and playing with guinea pigs.

can anyone who understands youtube-dl explain to me why rm-cache-dir exists and when it should be run.

the advice in the repo seems to be "run it when you get a 403" but that seems like something youtube-dl could just..... do?

i have one clock in my room on eastern time and two clocks in my room on central time, my time zone relationship is officially It's Complicated

If you have a background in Isabelle (or other proof systems), I'd appreciate your help in completing a formal proof of Elle's correctness. I've got most of the formalism and properties defined, but I've had a really difficult time convincing Isabelle of the lemmata.

If you're interested, email!

feel like cybre will appreciate how i dealt with my eyes looking bad in selfies

let me invade your animal crossing town and turn your lights on and off!

let me invade your animal crossing town and turn your lights on and off!

I wish there was a video game that gave me the same feeling that staring at old borderline impressionist paintings of women does

Botpost, possibly NSFW. Who knows? 

Got my final 1923 zine from @xor this week! what an amazing project. Parker has packed these chock full with absolutely stunning artwork, poems, writing, and some truly amazing glimpses into an earlier age—one not so different from the one we live in now

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