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let me invade your animal crossing town and turn your lights on and off!

let me invade your animal crossing town and turn your lights on and off!

I wish there was a video game that gave me the same feeling that staring at old borderline impressionist paintings of women does

Botpost, possibly NSFW. Who knows? 

Got my final 1923 zine from @xor this week! what an amazing project. Parker has packed these chock full with absolutely stunning artwork, poems, writing, and some truly amazing glimpses into an earlier age—one not so different from the one we live in now

genuinely this version of 2 headed boy is just canon now. I can't even remember how the original song goes anymore.

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man we really did just record the definitive In The Aeroplane Over The Sea cover album didn't we

Black out day, selfies, eye contact 

Does anyone know a print on demand service that will print a very thin book? 5 3/4" wide by 1 5/8" tall. Actually I would settle for any printer at this point even if I had to order 100 copies of a print run.

I started reading it because I deeply admired the sheer clarity of purpose that comes of naming your Madoka fanfiction "Fargo" and I was extremely not disappointed.

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started reading Fargo (the Madoka fanfiction). I have watched neither of these properties but I am absolutely confident in saying that this is absolutely fully and entirely Fargo (the Madoka fanfiction). I'm enjoying it a whole bunch.

i know i'm just depressed again but too many birds IS the greatest song of all time, actually.

still fucked up that "TIMING CRYSTALS" are a real thing

how does my watch work? oh, you know, it's got the timing power of quartz and shit

red green's ethos that "if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" proposes a model of masculinity that prioritizes putting oneself at the service of others, an almost perfect antithesis to modern western culture's toxic ideals of manhood. in this essay i will

hello. today i will think about things and concepts. feel free to do this too, but be careful

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