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in times of need just remember that espeon is really pink

if you've ever wondered what it's like in my head, take a moment to imagine the protypical hamster on a wheel, then imagine hundreds of them

you zoom out, these hundreds of hamsters on wheels are powering a mecha hamster, spinning its own much larger wheel

you zoom out again, there are hundreds of these mecha hamsters, all spinning their own wheels which power a much larger mecha hamster, a mecha mecha hamster if you will

you turn to your companion and say "by jove, how many levels of hamsters could there be?" and she turns and responds to you, insanity buried deep in her eyes, and speaks, "my dear reader, I'm afraid it's hamsters all the way down"

Imagine if the wigs judges wear had been updated as wig technology improved like you're in court for a parking ticket and it looks like a fucking hair metal cover band

i'm obligated to like eizouken since it's pro-producer propaganda (or ProProPro for short)

in Massachusetts one can keep a secret within their personal vehicle as long as it is contained in a wooden magazine with sides at least one inch thick


i would like it if my habitat was full of appropriate enrichments so i could do my behaviours

とりあえず merge からやってみますか♪(( :saba: ))

I've never felt more unhinged in my entire life then just now when I shoved two unrelated leftovers into a ziploc baggie together because I was too lazy to get another one out of the cupboard

Hey all! The next Social CG meeting is taking place in ~2 and a half hours, at 11am EST. Come by and talk to us about federated web technologies!

cc @cwebber

hey all! we're hoping to have another socialcg meeting tomorrow! I've proposed a couple of items to talk about here, but please feel free to comment with your own!

The fediverse implies the existence of a zeonverse.

@rosen to be clear since I forgot to say this in the post, this is by the same people as PUTROYSOTLDATOA

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