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@rosen I figured out my audio issue since last time we tried this like 2 years ago we should Do This.

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I don't care if someone uses my art for their user icon, as long as they don't post anything regrettably asinine while using it. Of course this should not be a problem because all the people who like my art must surely be sharp of mind, paragons of refined and esteemed character, and connoisseurs of good taste.

Due to personal reasons it’s time for “Silly Songs with Larry”, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song

so, um

anyone else had this situation

you're lured to an illicit evening trying something you tend to avoid ("OpenGL"), it passes in a haze

then eight years later a grown-up repo arrives on your doorstep, calls you Daddy and asks to move back in


all advice welcome

(as @qdot said elsewhere, "It's a bit odd to be 82230 commits out of sync" is a beautiful phrase)

The collective noun for a series of steps is a "fight".

I've written "fight of stairs" more times than I can count and now I'm just leaning into it

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poem, nsfw joke 

I had an extremely vulnerable time in 2019 so I've decided I'm going to be invulnerable in 2020. Thank you for understanding

spending my new year's eve like I always do: smugly reassuring myself that calendar time is purely arbitrary and conventional in order to avoid being subject its obvious affordance as a means to be introspective about my feelings and behavior over a given period 👍​🗓️​

just tried to go to had to sit and think for a moment about what i'd done.

what is the point of reporting an account that was banned a year ago. nostalgia?

Her character is supposed to be this innocent girl who doesn't know anything about the world but instead she comes off as INCREDIBLY overpowered and feigning innocence in order to destroy everyone around her, at one point she asks her paralegal co-worker out of the blue "so what exactly... IS a paralegal" and it's so devastating a read that the poor paralegal flees the room, leaving her makeup behind, which Gyllenhaal THEN USES ON HERSELF

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under communism everyone has to share 1 gec

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