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Prompted by Star Wars, but no spoilers: does it bug anyone else that the rebellion's ideology is only told implicitly, rather than articulated?

Like, what is the rebellion *for*? I think you could argue for localized governance, diversity & pluralism, the abolishment of slavery, and maybe ecological preservation--but these principles are rarely spoken. Instead we get, like... "hope" and "together-ness".

@nightpool @shel my favorite food is <b>skewers</b> dipped in <b>saucy</b> social commentary and served alongside a heaping helping of warm, filling <b>comfort food</b>

The Mastodon documentation has been rewritten by @trwnh. It now has a search function and a different design as it's now hosted on GitBooks. Take a look!

If after looking you think a topic worth writing about is missing, tell me what it is!

If you're interested in animorphs because it's A. Great and B. Not made by a shitsucker, check out an officially endorsed free ebook collection. You have to signup, sadly, but it's worht it for 65 books of goodness.

Now if you excuse me, I need to re-read Everworlds.

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We're a mere $40/month away from hitting the $500/month goal on my Patreon! (That's 92%! Holy cow!)

Once that happens, I'll release Terminal Phase as a complete game! Space shooter in your terminal! Pew pew pew!

other things about streaming media: apparently nobody has noticed for EIGHT YEARS that Zoey Van Goey's hit song is titled "You Told the Drunls I Knew Karate" on every streaming service. Or at least nobody with any power to do anything about it.

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i just played sicilian crest and it sounds Very Weird when you start in the middle of a staggered chord, reminding me of this post.

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....... the mountain goats just moved one second of audio from the beginning of Sicilian Crest to the end of An Antidote for Strychnine.

streaming media was a mistake.

Freaking great sunset, just west of Deming, New Mexico on the Texas Eagle.

Photos: colorful desert sunset with occasional trucks and phone poles. Also reflections from the lounge car lights.

I keep muttering "You wouldn't BOOST a TOOT" to myself and giggling uncontrollably

Grateful for coworkers who have no patience for people talking trash about developers working on browsers, including browsers that aren’t our own.

welcome to snouts dot online. if you didn’t bring a snout from home, one will be provided for you

is activitypub a drop-in solution for twitter? No, there are absolutely going to be huge challenges trying to use it at twitter's scale. but it's the only thing close, and it's definitely the most solid platform to start iterating on.

anyway if jack wants twitter to implement activitypub, then very seriously we would love to have him—I do fundamentally believe the world is better when we collaborate on open standards.

As we've learned over the years, open standards aren't a panacea, and they need strong process to avoid being co-opted and distorted by corporate interests, but when it does work, it works *really well*

every once and a while i forget what the "eyes" css style is in my list of userstyles and i turn it on and am immediately punished

love the movie "It Follows", along with the sequels "It Likes" and "It Mashes That Subscribe Button"

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