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hmm I've thought about it a lot, and I think the behavior of margin on flex box items is just bad

anywa that was fun y'all, but I should go make dinner. if you want me to continue arguing with you, please drop a line and I'll try to address your points when I get back.

@typhlosion the reason we have coding languages is to express computations in a way that humans can understand and reason about. the primary purpose there is reading + authorship. If we just cared about execution then we'd all still be writing assembly

@nightpool If we're using HTML to represent "passing along what the user intended it to look like" and not as a content-describing markup format, then I'd do <font> and screw the haters.

CSS styles shouldn't be a primary content, and if we want to treat color as that, it shouldn't be there.

font is deprecated but asking people to try and sanitize css is Obnoxious.

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hmmmm do i use <font color= or <span style= to federate colors

October 29 is the 50th anniversary of the first message sent on the ARPANET!

The message was "LO", which was supposed to be LOGIN but the system crashed. (There are alternative stories that it was short for HELLO but contemporary records support the system crash story.)

coco, three days ago: i'm a street magician!
coco, now: i'm an accessory to war crimes!

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who Once
"nothing at all"nothing
and Demanded "nothing
at all."

@nightpool FYI this org also runs a gab instance

Dunno if it's just ignorance or if there's something else going on but maybe worth looking into. Info about this W. Jeffrey Brown guy is scarce but he self-identifies as a serial entrepreneur/venture capitalist which makes me skeptical of his motives

of decapitated person is replaced backwards.

(this looks like a hybrid community/admin position, which personally i think is really cool, we need more people with that combination of interests)

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"By default, compaction will represent values which are simple strings as strings, but sometimes a value is an IRI, a date, or some other typed value for which a simple string representation would loose information"

congrats to the json-ld spec for my favorite orthographic ambiguity this year

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