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looking for a window for coming out as trans to my boss, what if I just soft boy so hard that a mystical chorus paints it in washy color in mid air aways atop my pink hat

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@chr @nightpool hell yeah it's the weekend babey!!! time to drink exactly one hard cider and call my admin my son

(if i was thinking ahead, i would have done something more subtle, but I was on my phone and forgot to check if we had legit accounts federated from that instance)

I've unblocked now! Sorry for the inconvenience—if you were following any user there from, you'll have to re-follow.

(I would have silenced, but i'm not sure that silence correctly blocks follows / follow-requests)

(I'll take a look at trying to send them a message myself after work, just throwing this out there in case anyone knows them)

I've had to domain block due to follow bot spam from dozens of accounts, does anyone know how to get in touch with the admin?

huh. chrome on android just got the safari double bar thing.

Q: What genre is Meatpunks season 2?
A: Yes.
Q: What is the general art style for the game?
A: No.

I'm watching someone stream Baba and I'm happy to see that I'm still able to easily figure out the solutions to the old puzzles again even though I haven't played in months. I think it's one of those rare games that gave me a small but permanent critical thinking bonus

I /really/ need to add to my rss reader because it’s *so good*. This is the best description I’ve ever seen of the Microsoft acquisition of Github.

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Yo we are SO CLOSE to getting @MikeGravel into the televised Democratic debates to propagandize and combat imperialist ideology. If you haven't donated yet, PLEASE DO! Even just $1 is enough to get us closer to the 65k unique donors needed.

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