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Basically what avoiding Facebook means for me at this point is losing touch with every real life friend I've ever had due to, basically, my own stubbornness. And that sucks.

2019 is probably the year i sign up for facebook, huh

Reading my swiftkey auto-generated sentences is basically like seeing a photo of me from 2 years ago

Hey are you around for dinner tonight or tomorrow night for me to come by and pick up the key in the morning where you can get iirc and I can come over and pick it up around the house if you want to plug an event in and get it to you about the economy and the cost of another http round trip to the next level of the year sometime this week and then we can go over the assignments in the next few weeks and then we can go over what we need to do to get started and get back to you on the next step in the process and we can get started on the project and we can start the process of getting the best way to go to bed now and then to the next level of the week to see if we can get a good idea of what you want to do with the software and how to fix this problem is that you can use the xcloud local export to backup and transfer your files into your computer to use the software to use the software to use the software to use the software to use the software to use the software to use the software

the lesbians in this book really have not been undersold. A+ lesbian content.

more quotes from @vriska's book

"She said she’d think about it and wondered aloud if I was always so… “like this.” Which was accompanied by a half-hearted hand gesture. Am I always so like that? Who’s to say?"

me kin id

in 2019 we buy all our clothes from aliexpress, and they are all covered in unregulated lasers

@vriska okay okay here's a real one, not paraphrased this time:

"Three is obviously one of the better numbers there is. I don’t even feel the need to elaborate on that. I have full confidence that you understand why, and I wouldn’t ever want to come across as patronizing."

@vriska's book is full of lots of good quotes, like
"​The first step to fixing a car is knowing enough about cars to fix a car"

Please buy my book! It's got lesbians! It's about trauma and healing! It's about music! It's about the great lakes! It's got a happy ending!

From "RFC-4", part of Darius Kazemi's 2019 project to read one RFC a day in chronological order

apparently is hosting, which would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad

seems like the dude running the MAGA instance is the same dude who wrote/published this article fawning over bernie sanders a couple years ago, while trying to prop up his mobile marketing start up:

so, who the hell did you spose those trump supporters ripped off to get that domain name

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