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when you think about it, distinctions between string sections are just the invisible hand of the conductor trying to undermine viola/cello solidarity and perpetuate the tyranny of the violins

@thornyonmain rationalwiki sucks worse but they're doing their thing far away from me and i generally don't have to think about them. I *like* xkcd

@thornyonmain honestly probably cannot think of a single wiki i hate as much as explainxkcd

@Nikolai_Kingsley looks like Atlas won't sell me something off the shelf, they'll only do custom solutions for $$$$

@Nikolai_Kingsley I'm pretty confident in my ability to figure out a good process/follow through on it—or at least try it out for a while and see if it helps—so any recommendations you might have for software would be pretty welcome!

also yeah it probably can't be using barcodes or any sort of numeric unique identifier, I have like, cool rocks and sticks I'd like to put in this thing.

other fields: sure, roll with that materialist perspective, whatever

software tech: literally everything is literally just words. everything you build. everything you use. words,

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@loki a mistake? makes the transition slightly better if the piano intro is already playing slightly when the next song starts loading? (on the theory that short buffering in the middle of a song is better then an extra long pause)

....... the mountain goats just moved one second of audio from the beginning of Sicilian Crest to the end of An Antidote for Strychnine.

streaming media was a mistake.

@gdkar if i was like, 1 step to the right of where I was at the time, i might have ended up going.

@aschmitz my guess is neither, just that they saw some viral post about the account and reported without checking first

why would you report an account that's already been suspended. Please, riddle me this

@grainloom @chr this is literally the name of a table i assembled from ikea this morning what are these nazis ON

I want.... an inventory management system. it should be able to track one off items like books and recurring items like groceries, including sourcing information and average cost. ideally it would have a mobile interface. does anyone know if anything like this exists?

@cwebber won't be able to make it but looking forward to reading the minutes!

CW at night, poster's delight
CW at morning, poster's warning

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