@Claire last year, a u of m research lab intentionally submitted bugfix patches to the kernel with security vulnerabilities (using a fake email, and notifying the maintainers after they had been approved but before they were merged). The paper was published ... last month? recently-ish. And then last week, a seemingly-unrelated PhD from the same research lab submitted with their own email some automated static analysis patches that were garbage and had several security vulnerabilities—linux kernel maintainers got upset and decided that the same lab was trying to repeat the experiment, so they banned every @uwm student from submitting any further kernel patches.

@uniq @jums @galaxis no, b-corps are for profit companies while gGmbh's are not for profit, like 501c3 companies in America

@mhoye I dunno! I just expect that people have Opinions on which seasons to skip and stuff

hey quick question. anyone got a favorite order to watch columbo in. no reason for asking, thanks in advance.

@schmittlauch somehow that joke sailed completely over my head. thank you for your patience as I conduct upgrades to my joke-recognition subsystems

I think it's funny how between the gunpowder plot and the IRA, Catholicism is just inextricably linked in certain areas with blowing shit up and revolutionary violence. I feel like that's the funniest possible outcome of the british empire

technical details 

@chr @violet @haskal yeah I think that specific commit is designed as, like, a workaround for wasabi going down for days at a time lol. definitely not the case here, and the logic seems over-sensitive (and we should probably relax the timeouts in general)

technical details 

@chr @violet @haskal hmm... wouldn't the s3 fetch/upload be happening in a background job though? even if it did error, that shouldn't impact the response status (and it should get retired by sidekiq I think?)

@KittyUnpretty @alexlaw although note that this can go the other way too—i had to block two TERFs from my gideon the ninth sideblog that identified as ace lesbians

@alexlaw I think a simpler explanation here is "they're both people tumblr dislikes". I've seen friends (including transfems like myself) get called TERFs for all sorts of bizarre reasons

@astraluma @Leaf yes, the thing I am saying here is that AWS should be run by the post office as a public utility *even in absence of privatizing the logistics function*, since the USPS has a mandate to facilitate communication and providing web hosting to every citizen would be the modern day form of that.

(frankly while I understand the impulse to nationalize the shipping part of the business I'm not honestly sure it makes sense? like, amazon shipping and logistics is not That Different or better then what the USPS is already doing and there's no real reason the two can't coexist, with sufficient health & safety regulations)

@Leaf the perfect complement to my "Have the USPS buy AWS" plan

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