can you tell i'm procrastinating writing like 3 different emails

oh today is the annual day i think about birdland? fuck yeah. what a good game

it's got SIX DIALS on it. it has a forty second intro!!! I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

I am going to LOSE my SHIT at this gab video. are they all going to be this funny.

@gdkar (if you link to the tumblr post I can probably find the original?)

i crosspost my toots but only to extensively a/b test tiny variations in my jokes

we no longer have 200k deletes for the same status in our queue. I don't know exactly how that happened but ..... :yikes:

@KitRedgrave I don't remember mastodon ever changing the background? but i've also been on cybre so long i'm not sure i'd have noticed

hey does anybody have resources for bein trans in the netherlands? how to get hrt and shit? asking for my gal pal who's looking into it but doesnt really know what to search for

think i'm going to do some Spreadsheets today. love spreadsheets

@KittyUnpretty i always upload my ebooks to google play books and read them there, which is perhaps the most round-about way to read ebooks, but it works

@jenn i hate when I consume unhealthy things, like animal products, and then die in my sleep

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