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if i have to read one more fucking post about going back to the good old days of when websites were slow, clunky, barren, boring pages with black text on a white background that auto-refreshed with fucking meta tags, used iframes to divide content, and had zero javascript, i swear to fuck

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what's that? you need proof that the internet would be better off if every website looked like craigslist? look at the massive gopher community. look how many people are using gopher:// links every single day. HTTPS is completely eclipsed by the enormous userbase. this is what we want. HTML5 isn't accessible with its "semantic markup" and "aria descriptive captions". that's a bunch of bullshit. you know what IS accessible? raw text. if you can get your screen reader to tell you whether somethin's a quote or a sentence or a navbar, guess what? it's fucking spyware and NOT accessible

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all content is exported from the great city of contentinople

i rebooted cybrespace, we were down for maybe an hour. sorry about that! i'll try to add some monitoring so we get alerted more quickly if this happens in the future.

@SallyStrange hey, there was no need to tag me in this thread from 4 months ago

@chr oh shit were we getting hit there? I didn't even notice

@diodelass spam smells good! ask me about my werewolf immortality treatment wikia story someday.

spam smells very similar to petrichor, but with a tangier sharpness, like ozone

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mm...... smell that? spam in the air, tonight.

@BestGirlGrace i can blow up a lot of twitter servers too, that's just a distributed system

@chr didn't your mother ever tell you not to use single-letter variable names

@chr @roll i will write the code if you point me in the right direction

@roll @chr (can you change k* so that it shows the non-kept dice as well? a lot of dice pool games have special consequences for if you happen to roll a 1 or a 6)

GM principle: Draw org charts, leave blanks

@er1n I also have a friend of a friend who works at CMU if you're looking for a job in robotics.

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