i went looking for something in my discord chat history with @HTHR and i found this gem

@jeffmueller hey jeff, I get what you're trying to say here, but please consider that when you casually use phrases like "needs professional help", you contribute to a culture of demonizing and scapegoating the mentally ill.

we can call out conservatives for propagating a greedy and self-serving narrative without throwing hundreds of thousands of mentally ill people under the bus

I respect and appreciate "Let me talk your ear off about neopronouns" trans people even if I myself am a "Maybe I can learn a language without gendered pronouns and then spend the rest of my life pretending to not know english" trans person.

@dandelion on discord I'm a right facing avatar, on tumblr I'm a center facing avatar, and on glitch.social I'm a left facing avatar. the range.

@body probably has more to do with the people you bought the prototyping components from then anything else tbh

having a techie girlfriend is being asked "what happens when you click it though, like what's the error" and going "i mean it just doesn't work" and hearing the sharp inhale of someone working through their tech support trauma right in front of you to avoid screaming

Drifting back into stage select screen after selecting random repeatedly for the first 30 yrs of my life

@halcy i hate it when russian spies infiltrate my neural networks

Almost all the bail funds I looked at today were at capacity on donation, secure.actblue.com/donate/bail is a national emergency response fund that promises to send the money where it's needed across the entire bail fund network.

On other fronts, twitter.com/blackvisionsmn has been extremely dedicated about signal boosting ways to support black communities in Minnesota, and docs.google.com/document/u/1/d is a mutual-aid document compiling individuals connected to the protests who need support

@prophet_goddess although you know I'd imagine if you through a lit squib into a market of people with superhuman reflexes and the same thing happened, you'd probably want to hold more people liable, so I think there should be room in this legal argument somehow for presumptive ability, or something similar. but even the most well trained people can freeze up in life or death situations..... I dunno! it's a tricky one.

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