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always coming home

@masklayer @HTHR another day volunteering at the mastodon open source project. everyone keeps asking me

Horny on main. Show more

Horny on main. Show more

@HTHR although harder to pin down its genre???

@HTHR silo jack is an extremely good name also

@HTHR sucks that this isn't gargron's website fucker

@KittyUnpretty fuck imagine the diagnostic benefits though. if he didn't want to punch things for a living he could be an amazing doctor

@KittyUnpretty I'm just trying to find a tasteful way to point out that hearteyes might not be the only thing you relate to about those pictures

if you know any afab trans people on the fediverse send them my way because i wanna follow em, I'm sick of not being able to relate to anybody here

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@boots yeah Alice said a while ago she didn't really have the energy to maintain it anymore. is still extant though if you're looking for something

@KittyUnpretty this is a really cool application of quote unquote x-ray vision.

Kryptonian sensory systems, how do they work