@00dani haha no worries. kind of weird but I guess this all happened before social media and whatever.

@00dani ah, the creator of big eyes small mouth is like, an incredibly famous scammy asshole. he's stolen books, refused to pay freelancers, and skimmed royalties for projects he never owned. honestly I think he may have fucked over more people in the tabletop gaming scene, financially, then any other single person. kind of insane to hear how successful his Kickstarter has been honestly

here's some deets: prokopetz.tumblr.com/post/1650

let me invade your animal crossing town and turn your lights on and off!

@dandelion 1. Parker 2. Hardison 3. Eliot 4. Nate 5. Sophie

idk I like sophie I just feel like we wouldn't have a lot to talk about and it would be awkward!

let me invade your animal crossing town and turn your lights on and off!

@KittyUnpretty sorry I just saw this now but I am happy to take a look if you want. (although unfortunately i don't have enough bandwidth to get paid money for it, you'd be behind some urgent xkit stuff priority wise)

@cwebber sure, but that gives us *lot* more time to work on a vaccine then the authors in this article are assuming.

@cwebber i dunno, this is a good article but there's a lot it doesn't take into account when predicting long-term epidemic spread. Every cornonavirus we know of is strongly weather dependent, and there's really interesting early evidence that the same is true of covid-19 papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf

Holy shit all 54 of the Animorphs books are free now 

I wish there was a video game that gave me the same feeling that staring at old borderline impressionist paintings of women does

Botpost, possibly NSFW. Who knows? 

Got my final 1923 zine from @xor this week! what an amazing project. Parker has packed these chock full with absolutely stunning artwork, poems, writing, and some truly amazing glimpses into an earlier age—one not so different from the one we live in now

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