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always coming home

@nonlinear @InspectorCaracal can y'all please stop having this argument in my mentions, thanks, I have no idea what any of you are trying to say anymore.

@cwebber multiplayer minecraft mod w asymmetric gameplay

@InspectorCaracal @nonlinear what.

i'm saying https‍://

how is that "unconventional"? it's a link. you click on them.

@HTHR all the blue and red hearts and all the strawberries and all the C-levels? wow, that's cool as hell.

@nonlinear i dont think most users or audiences are manually typing urls in though. And how do you know which DOMAIN to use anyway without the full url?

@nonlinear what do you mean about outside conventions here? is there something confusing about including @ in the url?

something i've noticed recently—i've stopped giving anyone my @‍‍‍‍‍n‍‍ handle. Anywhere I link mastodon, i link

I wonder what this says about the current place of webfinger in the mastodon world.

@dzuk you might want to mark which instances on your list are using the glitch fork?

@KittyUnpretty kitty I just want you to know I am very happy for you

@HTHR it's the first "feast when you can" that really gets me

@HTHR yeah but think how much ajj i'd learn about!

@HTHR "Maybe the device is busy! Should I try again later?"