@rrix I closed all my tabs on mobile a couple days ago and it turns out I had 1300 tabs open

I don't care if someone uses my art for their user icon, as long as they don't post anything regrettably asinine while using it. Of course this should not be a problem because all the people who like my art must surely be sharp of mind, paragons of refined and esteemed character, and connoisseurs of good taste.

Due to personal reasons it’s time for “Silly Songs with Larry”, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song

@vriska .3 feet is approximately .093 yards? that seems like it makes sense to me.

so, um

anyone else had this situation

you're lured to an illicit evening trying something you tend to avoid ("OpenGL"), it passes in a haze

then eight years later a grown-up repo arrives on your doorstep, calls you Daddy and asks to move back in



all advice welcome

(as @qdot said elsewhere, "It's a bit odd to be 82230 commits out of sync" is a beautiful phrase)

code geass 

@HTHR my job has an open plan office so you'd think there's no way we could play murder in the church in it, right? but listen—we have two floors in a bigger building, and there are two pretty large stairwells going from one floor to the other, on opposite sides of the building. these are fire stairwells though, so they have HEAVY doors and tiny windows.

What i'm saying is: imagine we're playing murder in the church, and you're halfway up the stairs, and someone opens the door above you

@aphyr ... I'm not sure which possibility is more concerning to me.

The collective noun for a series of steps is a "fight".

I've written "fight of stairs" more times than I can count and now I'm just leaning into it

@gaditb yeah I mean I think it kind of was an instruction manual?

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