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always coming home

why did I open this tab.

what was the thought process here

johnny sun on twitter:

"sometimes it feels like people only love your mask because you only show them your mask, but trust that they know its a mask, that they care about its author, and that they are perceptive enough to see you behind it"

google alerts has finally captured the essence of every single conversation me and @HTHR have

The Guardian on "the Free Software Movement" Show more

god I love the sunsets out here though

today's GDPR day, which means yesterday was


no, you're right, this *is* getting dark

i am absolutely losing my mind at the gocomics nancy comments section

cool. push notifications still crash my browser for some reason

apparently i have 5 stars on amazon though

the most surreal thing I found out after turning google alerts on is that apparently i share a name with an 80s fantasy book

i don't really have much else to say about this.

some people who identify as robots use it explicitly *for* dehumanization. some people don't, and there's no 'one way' to identify.

we have to make decisions that impart the most broad usefulness to the platform as possible, and that includes communicating with a wide audience for the minimum amount of confusion.

I've attached a photo of the specific language in question, it only shows up in the settings page, not on the web interface or profile page.

(first picture)

oh okay this isn't that bad

(second picture)

wait shit

god i love subscribing to the mountain goats mailing list