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@nightpool fuck, that's an extremely good notification

@nightpool they do look nice but for some reason when you started noticing issues, i started getting like and boost notifications even though they are turned off in the app...

@archangelic yes you can read my discussion with @eurasierboy for more context here. This is a known problem because the notification system needed upgrading for iOS 11 and he hasn't had time to build in all the features the old one had yet.

@eurasierboy @archangelic as a workaround you should be able to disable notification permissions from the Settings App (Amaroq > Notifications > Disable)

@nightpool @eurasierboy yeah, i *do* want notifications, but not likes and boosts. but thanks! Makes sense that it is in transition right now between OSes.

@archangelic @nightpool Ugh I am so sorry guys, I completely spaced this. I’m going to get a new build out as soon as possible to fix. Won’t be as big an update as I’d have liked but this is gonna have to take priority

@eurasierboy @nightpool thanks! keep up the good work friend. i know OS transitions can be rough...