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always coming home @nightpool

@eurasierboy hey, the notification format for Amaroq just changed suddenly. is that intentional?

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@nightpool I’ve been trying to hold out on changing out of silent notifications, but iOS11 is about to break them considerably - so the format has changed as of now, yep. 3: they will now be intentionally vague since Firebase is posting the notification content directly as apposed to the device creating notifications locally

The old format will still apply whenever a background refresh happens to occur, but these will become extremely sporadic in the upcoming iOS release

@eurasierboy what's the problem? I saw that there was an open bug in iOS11 but nothing concrete... thinking this might be unintentional.

also could you generate the notification details serverside *before* pushing them to firebase? just based off the streaming API details?

@nightpool well that’s the whole point, I could, but when I originally created Amaroq I had heard a number of folks who were uncomfortable with details being sent through FCM, fearing what google could potentially do with that content. So this is the best I can do now 3:

The open radar request was open since beta 1 and I’ve been holding out on apple potentially fixing it but now that we’re on the GM build I’m confident it’s not getting fixed.

@eurasierboy okay. can you maybe provide an opt-in for people who are comfortable sending their details to google? or use a shared secret?

@nightpool I suppose I could work in a feature to opt into more detailed notifications, but that’ll have to wait for a bit as I prep the rest of my iOS11 changes~ I got a few things I’d like to do to tidy up some long standing issues with Amaroq

I’m not sure I’ll be getting a new version out before iOS11 releases so this will have to be the stop gap for now, I’m sorry for any inconvenience!

@eurasierboy 👍 thanks for your hard work and dedication! 👍

@nightpool to elaborate on the actual problem, for some reason in iOS11 silent notifications are successfully received, but the OS has gone into a hyper-defensive mode that only allows a few notifications at a time (we’re talking like a few per hour) to actually reach the app. Additionally, they’ve stepped up the logic that determines when a background refresh happens based on battery status. I get what they’re trying to do - conserve battery life

@nightpool but ultimately this has made the silent notification feature near useless, and against what apple’s own documentation says - which is to quickly and readily serve content in the background so that apps may have their content displayed as the app is opened