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always coming home @nightpool

dead simple idea: just have new users follow the local instance admins, ala facebook/myspace/tumblr's early onboarding strategies

it's not perfect, but it's better then looking at an empty timeline

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@nightpool easy, consistent with the fact that a certain amount of trust for ones admin is required... hmmm 🤔

@bea and like 5 people here are already named tom, it's perfect

@bea @nightpool I would go a bit further and say admins.
I started by following all the admins I could find and it was great to discover who to follow.

@kyzh @bea @nightpool Following n admins from different places would require keeping some kinda list structure for them. Just following your local admin(s) is really dead simple though. It sounds like people aren't against that?

@Gargron @nightpool @bea @kyzh have a site-configurable set of initial followers, or the option to add these in the initial wizard

@nightpool nah, just have everybody follow me by default. I'm fun! Solved it

Also (because nobody has brought it up) it's important to note that, if you think your local admin is a jerk, that's a good sign that your choice of instance is a bad fit. And, it's a good idea for new users to discover that quickly.

@nightpool okay I like this idea and I am going to see if I can figure out how to do that right now

my idea is to pull the list of accounts with admin access and display them in a list in your empty Home timeline, but let's see if my ability to BS code is up to it

@InspectorCaracal i think gargron is working on this feature already actually!

@nightpool and who is the admin going to follow hm, how are we going to figure out who follow when we're the only ones here? 😔