apparently there's some link between acephobia and TERFs. i don't really understand, but I'm pro-ace and pro-trans so i guess that tracks...?

it's just weird bc aro/ace seems like an orientation that everyone would have the least gripes with since it's basically defined by a *lack* of interest in something? maybe I'm just very naive and there's something I'm not seeing here

@alexlaw a lot of it has been covered by other replies but there's also a subset of radfems who've lowkey continued the "political lesbian" ideology of years gone by, and so they find asexuals threatening for implying that allo lesbians are sexual (these are the same folks who are very upset when wlw are vocal about wanting to fuck, and accuse those wlw of being brainwashed by the patriarchy)


@KittyUnpretty @alexlaw although note that this can go the other way too—i had to block two TERFs from my gideon the ninth sideblog that identified as ace lesbians

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