is it okay to pick up the new edition of big eyes small mouth

i can't tell whether the creators are Bad :blobcatsurprised:

it sounds like some versions of besm were made by white wolf? and i know white wolf are now Bad, but i don't think they actually made besm 4th :blobcatthinking:

@00dani ah, the creator of big eyes small mouth is like, an incredibly famous scammy asshole. he's stolen books, refused to pay freelancers, and skimmed royalties for projects he never owned. honestly I think he may have fucked over more people in the tabletop gaming scene, financially, then any other single person. kind of insane to hear how successful his Kickstarter has been honestly

here's some deets:

@nightpool i couldn't find any info about this until you replied for some reason so yeah, extremely thank u for that link :blobcatsurprised:


@00dani haha no worries. kind of weird but I guess this all happened before social media and whatever.

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