ok hot damn i finished leverage and that might be my favorite show of all time

the rough parts of leverage:
* so many episodes boil down to "trick someone into committing a crime and then call the cops on them"
* the show's relationship with race, gender, disability, etc is often... uninformed
* very bad at overarching plots

the great parts of leverage:
* found family done RIGHT
* it's a show that both loves america and knows all the ways it's broken. it desperately wants this place to be better but knows the system can't fix itself
* the rashomon job
* eliot spencer

Show thread

@nightpool ok quick rank the main cast of leverage by how much you'd enjoy hanging out with them


@dandelion 1. Parker 2. Hardison 3. Eliot 4. Nate 5. Sophie

idk I like sophie I just feel like we wouldn't have a lot to talk about and it would be awkward!

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