@nightpool Turns out I can write fanfic relatively easily if it's small as heck, so I've been living it up a bit with the Three-Sentence-Fic-a-thon folks.

@nightpool rthstewart.dreamwidth.org/1568
(It's... not organized for easy skimmability. I've got some things in places, scattered around. Some of them are even okay-or-better.)

@nightpool It's okay, there's only 37 pages in threaded view, so only... 37*25=925, prompts! Less than, 'cause a few top-level posts aren't prompts and page 37 isn't filled yet!

(If you care just about me, iirc my first fill is on page 10 or so, and I can dig up most of the rest...)

@nightpool Here, I grabbed the link.
(This is just one of mine, not all of them, but this is my first and also prolly the one of mine you'd be most interested in anyways, I assume.)

@gaditb thank you! that was great, although I can't help but notice there are at LEAST 7 sentences there

@gaditb anyway your dave is fucking great, and your rose is not too shabby neither

@nightpool (!! Thank you! I wrote it basically entirely for the last image, because of course I went that self-indulgent.
(My sense of time is also fricking bonkers, but that's easier to fix.)

@nightpool Update: if you're interested -- this might not be my BEST one, but it IS the one I'm most proud of accomplishing.

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