i'm going to silence pawoo.net until the spam issue gets better.


wait, pawoo IS silenced. so what the fuck

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@nightpool I don't think silencing does anything for followbots, but I'm not sure what kind of spam you're getting

@nightpool yeah, silencing is just for THEIR stuff showing up on YOUR instance, so they can still see all the posts from your server and send follow requests

"block follow requests from this server" is an interesting moderation option idea

@InspectorCaracal silencing SHOULD be "I can't see any type of interaction from them" though. I do see the downside of the alternative (silent follows are also weird) so maybe we should just reject follows in that case.

@InspectorCaracal @nightpool It would require some restructuring of stuff to do, but perhaps "convert all follows to requests-to-follow, even for people with non-locked accounts"?

(Or maybe, have that conversion be an individual setting, something between nothing and blocking the instance, and making that the default for everyone?)

@gaditb @InspectorCaracal probably good in the general case but not super useful in the spammy case that's motivating me right now

@InspectorCaracal @nightpool I think silenced accounts (domains) don't generate notifications for anything? Or supposed to, at least

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