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@cj @nightpool @Heluecht Socialhome will be able to parse it in the future, currently no. I'll be adding a JSON-LD library in between as soon as I get the basic functionality out.

I don't know JSON-LD well enough to say whether the current is a bug or not? If the security context is not an object, does the property require a prefix to be valid JSON-LD?

Please guys try to always reply to all btw, difficult to follow otherwise :P


@jaywink @heluecht the way mastodon currently serializes it is also valid JSON-LD, although there ARE some subtle differences between the two. As I understand it, the array form is including the entire context while the object form is only referencing the namespace.

mastodon would not be able to process "sec:publicKey" currently, but I would prefer you federate the extension the way you prefer to and then open an issue to have us make our code compatible rather then the other way around.

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