I'm seeing a lot of calls for re-examination of FOSS values. In a sense I agree largely: I've myself been arguing for critical re-examination and re-articulation of FOSS principles. However, I see a lot of people calling for things that have been shown to be broken (the non-composability of CC *-NC and *-ND licenses are an example). That's making me fairly nervous that we're going to undo a lot of the structures that have allowed for collaboration and enter an era of confusion.


@cwebber "have been shown to be broken" carries a lot of implicit assumptions with it (broken for what purpose? under what analysis?) and also just assumes that common knowledge is common—I haven't read anything super critical of cc-nd and cc-nc recently, much less something that would show them to be broken.

@nightpool Yes, a lot of it is community knowledge and poorly disseminated. I am trying to do some organization to do better about that.

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