iiiiii woke up at 3:20 /pm/ today thanks to foolish shit i did last night so uhhhhhhhhhhhhh great and awesome

hmmmmmm i wonder if i can just fucking skip calc ii lecture tomorrow

daniel erman is nice but i need to get work done

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@er1n you can maybe just go to the lecture and also get work doen?

@nightpool nah the desks are super cramped and it would be obvious i wasn't paying attention :/


@er1n how big is the lecture?????? it's calc 2, probably 90% of the people there aren't paying attention.

@nightpool @er1n This was more or less me in several large lectures where I didn't feel I *really* needed to pay attention: sit in the back with a laptop, vaguely take notes, and listen with half an ear to see if anything new comes up. (Test questions may be hinted at, sometimes there's a good explanation of something, etc.)

(Sitting towards the back is important. Yes, you'll be with some other people who also aren't paying attention, but whatever you're doing shouldn't distract everyone else.)

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