I've had to domain block due to follow bot spam from dozens of accounts, does anyone know how to get in touch with the admin?

(I'll take a look at trying to send them a message myself after work, just throwing this out there in case anyone knows them)

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I've unblocked now! Sorry for the inconvenience—if you were following any user there from, you'll have to re-follow.

(I would have silenced, but i'm not sure that silence correctly blocks follows / follow-requests)

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(if i was thinking ahead, i would have done something more subtle, but I was on my phone and forgot to check if we had legit accounts federated from that instance)

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@nightpool looks like they are aware of the problem but not somewhere where they can access their computer rn

@coleoptera great to know they're working on it! mind keeping an eye on the situation and letting me know when it's resolved?

@nightpool looks like they have suspended new registration and frozen all of the single-character accounts that were just mass-following, and will block the IP when they can, so hopefully that instance should be ok

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