(moving this out of my bio fields and into pins because bio fields are Messy tbh)

although maybe i'll just put it in my bio because pins are also unaesthetic

@nightpool pinned posts should really just be a tab instead of literally at the top of the profile. tusky does it like that and it's cool

@trwnh that might be kind of cool but we're definitely approaching Tab Saturation

@nightpool toots / toots with replies is such a weird binary

i think the "toots" tab should be genericized to let you filter replies/boosts. then you could have "toots" / "media" / "featured" as the three tabs

@trwnh genericized in what way? where would you select with/without replies then?

@nightpool i'm thinking of treating the "toots" tab like the "notifications" column. maybe add a quick filter bar?

there's no good way to find original posts right now, and it makes no sense to add a 5th tab. or what if you want original posts + replies but no boosts?

@nightpool or say you wanna filter for polls. or filter for statuses with media attached (instead of the media itself). or any combination of all of those. that's what i meant by it being a weird binary


@trwnh i mean i don't think it's particularly weird, it comes as a direct consequence of having "toots that are not replies" being the default view.

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@nightpool that's a default i'd really like to question

maybe "featured" should be default

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