Would you buy/use a computer that ran 3x slower than modern machines if it were more secure (less vulnerable to side-channel attacks)?

[ ] yes, absolutely
[ ] yes, but not for games
[ ] no, I need all the speed

@cwebber but I would say that part of that is probably due to perceived speed being very very different then just like, raw processor speed. it's dependent on a lot of things like OS programming, cache size, workflow, amount of RAM, etc.

when you said "3x slower" my gut reaction was "you know the amount of times your macbook completely freezes up when trying to do some trivial task like alt-tab or open a new text file? what if those freezes took three times as long or happened three times as frequently"


@cwebber and of course that's completely nonsense, that's all based on stuff like, "I always forget to close programs I'm not using" and "retina displays with high scaling are hard for even top-line laptop graphics cards with current implementations"

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