does anyone know any anime heist films? structurally and thematically

@nightpool I've only seen Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro, but I imagine the other Lupin movies are also heist films, just because y'know, Lupin.

It's a series not a film, but Baccano had a lot of heist elements to it.

@srol oooo yes I've heard about lupin iii! a local theater was screening it in my area a while ago but I missed the chance to go watch it because of school stuff :(

@nightpool Cagliostro is very good. It was animated by Miyazaki and it's got this kinda hybrid anime-Disney feel to it.

@nightpool I immediately thought of Baccano! but I don't know if that qualifies

@pagrus @nightpool if nothing else, Baccano! should be checked out just for its amazing opening titles

@nightpool Lupin definitely, although it’s not quite got all the plot elements and beats of a western heist movie...

Problem is, there is a lot of gentleman thieves, so not as much attention to a heist team

@nightpool Maybe... not quite a series which is a heist per se, but which has operatives who’ve got specific abilities who sass each other... Princess Principal from the Summer 2017 season

@haskal @nightpool parts of it are frustratingly representative of modern anime, but is good on whole

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