might fuck around and softblock everyone

@masklayer actually after posting this I think the problem is the number of people I follow, and I was getting those two things confused

@er1n actually i think my problem is that i follow too many people. my feed has gotten pretty overgrown

@nightpool honest to god i keep forgetting that i can unfollow people i dislike

@nightpool @er1n With apologies to People Who Follow Me And I Really Should Follow Back Because I'm Sure You're Interesting, I find that I'm following *roughly* the right number of people: I can catch up with the timeline, and it's rarely *too* overwhelming.

But I'm sure I miss out on things, too.

Anyway, can endorse following relatively few people.

@aschmitz @er1n my problem is less with the people i'm following and more with the people THEY talk to/boost. i feel really weird muting people's boosts though....... seems somehow like avoiding the problem.

@nightpool @er1n Ah, yeah, fair.

I mostly wrote the boost muting for one person who I wanted to follow but boosted a *lot*, so I don't feel *too* bad using it, but I also mostly haven't had to all too much.

@nightpool *likes to acknowledge and "haha yeah", but also in an "oh goodness softblocking as a concept plays into my worst nervousnesses and memory issues" way*

@gaditb true although in this case i would definitely announce it if I was going to like, make everyone unfollow me or something

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