how's everyone doing. I spent the morning reinventing Fukuyama but, like, about the internet

@nightpool do tell! I was thinking the other day about the "final form" of the internet and kind of this situation where social media is as far as we get

@landwolf i mean, i was mostly referencing fukuyama sardonically—i think the idea that like ..... the current western liberal capitalist democracy is the Best We Can Do is uhh..... a pretty bad belief.

@landwolf but also more concretely i think the idea that things won't continue to change just as drastically and just as unrecognizably as they have done in the past is a pretty egocentric one, and I won't place money on the current internet being the Final Form any more then i would place it on western liberal democracy

@nightpool I agree, that's a terrible belief. I do worry if it's the *only* thing we're ever going to do sometimes though. it's probably more a pessimistic exercise than anything

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