Tried to get my partner into Mastodon, but the admins threatened to delete most of her posts because she didn't cite the original author of the random memes that were obviously impossible to determine the original source of. Pretty disappointed in the way it was handled TBH. More motivated than ever to start my own server.

@dansup hi dan, happy to talk about this more offline (i.e. on discord lol) but putting in the modicum of effort needed to properly source content that people put their time into creating (even if it's "just jokes") has been a fundamental principle of since the very beginning

I deeply regret how this particular interaction went down, and I would do it differently if I had the chance, but there's not a lot of room for us to budge on this one.

@dansup that being said, there were a lot more factors that went into this then just unsourced content, and if it was just a matter of unsourced content alone, it would be a different discussion.

@nightpool Just want to let you know I was kidding with that hashtag, I have no idea what really happened. I would join his instance not because of this, but because his old StatusNet instance he setup in 2012 lead me to discover the fediverse.


@dansup always, always happy to see more mastodon instances in the world

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