I'm really debating adding AP support to this blog engine I got.

Like I dig it and all.

But I'd rather feed out a RSS feed and let something else spit out some kind of subscription path for it

so @darius is v. awesome and smart, he's already done this lol

bots.tinysubversions.com/conve with my personal site becomes bots.tinysubversions.com/u/jac

or @jackywebsite@bots.tinysubversions.com !!!

@jalcine I'm planning on improving it over time, right now if you boost a post, instances that don't know about the server won't see it, but that's all coming soon as I learn more about AP

@jalcine also incrementally improving how the content layout is digested for Mastodon (just this morning I converted <li> tags to ascii bullets)

@kaniini @jalcine I don't think they're ever going to do that, it doesn't seem like the direction of the project. I could add it to my own fork for my instance but I want vanilla Mastodon users to use my service too

@darius nah like I think what @kaniini is saying that Mastodon implicitly can support it but the composers we have just don't allow it

Fediverse/ActivityPub discussion 

@pixeldev @kaniini @jalcine @darius
Should every Fediverse/ActivotyPub service support two-way federation with any AP service?

What are we calling services that focus on a given medium (#pleroma, #mastodon, #pixelfed for long posts, microblogging, and images respectively)?

Should #pixelfed support federation with any service that sends it an activity? Should #mastodon?

Fediverse/ActivityPub discussion 

@pixeldev @kaniini @jalcine @darius

Should services convert “unsupported” post types to a basic, short “note” that links to the original content?

I don’t know!

Fediverse/ActivityPub discussion 

@sivy @pixeldev @kaniini @jalcine it's such a weird design space, right? Like right now for peertube, if Mastodon doesn't like the video for whatever reason, it simply links to the page for the video without showing it inline (at least that was the last design decision I saw being made for that)

Fediverse/ActivityPub discussion 

@darius @pixeldev @kaniini @jalcine Yeah, it's like there's no need for a "federated facebook", you just need an instance that can and will render any f'ing activity from anyone you follow anywhere.

this post brought to you by booze

Fediverse/ActivityPub discussion 

@sivy @pixeldev @kaniini @jalcine I think the decisions for what to do with different content types are going to end up being defining features of different AP clients. Like yeah, pixelfed should probably make radical decisions when it comes to non image posts!

Fediverse/ActivityPub discussion 

@sivy @darius @pixeldev @kaniini

I can agree regarding targeted mediums doing targeted things.

But if it's something that's like doing conversion work like the ATOM/RSS to AP, shouldn't it conform more to the spec then? If not, maybe changing bots.tinysubversions.com/ to say "Mastodon-compliant" vs saying AP.

Fediverse/ActivityPub discussion 

@jalcine @sivy @pixeldev @kaniini this is a good point, I think I might do the thing where if I detect a Mastodon instance, I sanitize outgoing messages for mastodon but otherwise I stick to AP

@darius @jalcine @sivy @pixeldev

i think that's a really bad idea. i would be much more happy trying to do something like contentMap'ing into plain text and html representations

@nightpool I don't know what you mean by contentMap. (and why is it a bad idea to serve a subset of content if I detect a particular server on the other end?)

@darius like, broadly, having multiple content types/representation in a single Object

why is it a bad idea to care about software versions, rather then feature support? because that way lies Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.1.0;) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/69.0.3497.100 Mobile Safari/537.36

@nightpool having multiple content types in an object is a great idea. So like I'd provide an object of type: "Note" for maybe the plaintext and then type: "Article" for the full html? Do any popular AP clients look at that kind of thing and make decisions on what to use?

@puckipedia @nightpool Replying here since Mastodon doesn't seem to be rendering it, well, anywhere. I think my main thing is I want my tool to be useful to the users of today's most popular AP client/server.

Re: figuring out if an instance is Mastodon, I could always ping this:


and if it looks like a Mastodon-ish response, I assume it's more or less Mastodon. Not perfect but will mostly catch em.

@darius @nightpool Many pieces on software that do support articles (Pleroma, Kroeg) have compatibility with Mastodon in that way, and will return an equally valid response. Don't do UA Sniffing. also, you don't *want* to fit an entire article's worth of data in a small column, imo. BTW, everything worked as expected, it's just that Mastodon's code doesn't render articles inline. which is good. because it doesn't have support for rich text.

@puckipedia @nightpool so basically what everyone is telling me over and over is that I need to stop trying to chase a dream where Mastodon could eventually function as a generic feed reader. Which sucks because I am really enjoying using it as such in my own sandbox (see pic) but I'm running up against its limitations. (For longform I have a branch that automatically CWs anything over X chars as well.)

Anyway I guess I am gonna have to build my own thing sooner than I wanted to...

@darius @puckipedia

right now the way reading Weird content in mastodon works is that *mastodon* will try to convert it into a Note (in this case, that would work pretty well for RSS—it would show title and link).

i think it's also going to be useful if mastodon let the *sender* specify a "fallback" format, but right now that doesn't exist (and it's maybe hard to see what AS property we should use for that, we might want to invent one)

@darius @puckipedia

ultimately—i can't read anyone's mind. Maybe mastodon could be a good feed reader. so far bots.tinysubversions.com/u/nig has been pretty disappointing, although i think part of that is tumblr's lackluster RSS feeds. I don't really think feed readers are what people want out of it, but maybe they are. people seem to be annoyed enough at cross-posters that it doesn't seem obvious that "add more types of even less interactive cross-posters" is going to have a good reception.

@nightpool @puckipedia I mean part of this is I don't like that Mastodon seems to be converging on a set of norms where non Mastodon content is considered somehow wrong. My hope is that rich RSS conversions and support for content types beyond just a link to the original content would change that conversation and culture a bit


@darius @puckipedia i don't think the reason people have problems with crossposters is because they think non-mastodon content is wrong. i think people have problems with crossposters because they're non-interactive—people turn them on and then go back to twitter.

they're not posts made by "real users", they're posts that have nothing to do with this network, reflections of people who half the time don't even know they're being cross-posted.

@nightpool @darius @puckipedia I see “discussion venue” and “feed reader” as completely different functions that just happen to overlap in many soc platforms. Most are really awful for discussion (probs w threading, notifications, local user presence) but pretty good as feeds. So IMO the challenge that needs attention is how to make a really good discussion venue that federates with (and draws from) the multitude of feed platforms out there already.

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