@cwebber tfw you implement your bespoke media publishing CMS with a graph database and also hate your front-end engineers

@nightpool Reminds me of formats like Apache configs that look almost like XML but aren't

@elomatreb this is extremely not xml, it's like.... some sort of normalized graph database

@nightpool @elomatreb it's got forward links, it's got back links,.... it's got weirdly inward scoped fractal links!

links however you want 'em! 🤔

@nightpool this.... this is graphql right? right? please tell me it's more-than-usual twisted graphql and not something even worse

@riking mayyyybe? i'm not super familiar with graphql but this seems...... worse.

oof is someone trying to represent dictionaries-as-keys by stringifying them? i feel physically ill

@iitalics @nightpool i meant like, the query included `displayName{format: "plain"}` so that's what the server responded with

i'm pretty sure there's a better way to do that in graphql and was wondering if they just chose the worse one

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