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Almost all the bail funds I looked at today were at capacity on donation, is a national emergency response fund that promises to send the money where it's needed across the entire bail fund network.

On other fronts, has been extremely dedicated about signal boosting ways to support black communities in Minnesota, and is a mutual-aid document compiling individuals connected to the protests who need support

Sorrow 82: Matt has a snack
Sorrow 85: No drums
Sorrow 94: Matt has a hard time

"i swear i'm not creepily faving everything you post, you're just really fucking relatable"

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I majored in Gender Studies, have experience with RDF/ActivityPub, and keep a close eye on Unicode. I unapologetically fangirl over and and sometimes write adult . I used to conlang, and now channel that energy into making English weird instead.

I have strong and complicated feelings about survivorship, recovery, and community structures, which if youʼre lucky youʼll never have to hear. I'm always Ready to Build if youʼve the stamina to see it through.

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There are few things which make me feel more tired, deep in my soul, than seeing a white woman espouse self-congratulatory rhetoric about how much she prioritizes “listening” and “personal growth”. My hope is that I will instead be able to demonstrate those things through my actions.

Still, I want to emphasize that my mentions/DMs are always open & available. I may not respond immediately, and I cannot provide therapy or crisis counselling. But if you donʼt know where else to turn, give me a go.

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More about me: I have a website at, a journal at, and a long history of publishing my thoughts online. I was the “backup admin” of years ago, which meant that when the server exploded, I could confirm to everyone that yes, the server exploded. Then we all waited for the actual admin to wake up :P .

Since then I have been mostly just laying low, something which is extremely easy to do on Mastodon (PROTIP: if you donʼt follow anyone, nobody follows you).

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You may remember me from loud rants and discourses of many a yesteryear, but Iʼm here with you today to help ensure we all get along. Meowth, thatʼs right! Iʼm your new Community Moderator here in Cybrespace!

Important info in my bio. This account will be used primarily for technical discussion and moderation work; see @jellyfish_link for my less formal thoughts.

By popular demand, here's a quick take on MongoDB 4.2.6's transaction system. There are CHARTS, there are GRAPHS, okay it's mostly CHARTS OF GRAPHS but they're really cool anomalies and I hope you enjoy them.

ok, time to get productive! go job hunting!

*spends all day making a swamp in animal crossing*


hi everyone!

I'm 20yo college student into computers (programming & Linux). I enjoy collecting stamps/banknotes and playing with guinea pigs.

can anyone who understands youtube-dl explain to me why rm-cache-dir exists and when it should be run.

the advice in the repo seems to be "run it when you get a 403" but that seems like something youtube-dl could just..... do?

i have one clock in my room on eastern time and two clocks in my room on central time, my time zone relationship is officially It's Complicated

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