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welcome to snouts dot online. if you didn’t bring a snout from home, one will be provided for you

is activitypub a drop-in solution for twitter? No, there are absolutely going to be huge challenges trying to use it at twitter's scale. but it's the only thing close, and it's definitely the most solid platform to start iterating on.

anyway if jack wants twitter to implement activitypub, then very seriously we would love to have him—I do fundamentally believe the world is better when we collaborate on open standards.

As we've learned over the years, open standards aren't a panacea, and they need strong process to avoid being co-opted and distorted by corporate interests, but when it does work, it works *really well*

every once and a while i forget what the "eyes" css style is in my list of userstyles and i turn it on and am immediately punished

love the movie "It Follows", along with the sequels "It Likes" and "It Mashes That Subscribe Button"

hi all! just a reminder that the next Social CG meeting is tomorrow! Please take a look at the agenda here and let me know if you have anything to add!

Really good set of articles on building distributed systems. I wish I'd had this when starting to build @sidekiq.

does anyone know who's running @dev_ponies @CobaltVelvet? Pleroma is trying to troubleshoot some activitypub incompatibilities.

Gf speaking to my cat:
You think you’re so fucking cute? You think you’re so fucking soft? You talk a lot of big game for someone with such a small head

Yeah well uh I know an "e-girl" who had twelve "reply guys" & his name was Jesus Christ Cyber Monday sale 

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