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shit, it looks like I fucked up my dev-tools-fu and accidentally fluted back to my original team 😭 someone else will have to do this

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hey would anyone hate me if I fluted to the PODS for science


nba (uta/den), covid 

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I just patted the concrete support pillar in the middle of our living room twice and said "you know I'm gonna miss this big guy when we move" moderation 

hey! sorry about that, we're back now! i'm gonna be adding some SSL certificate monitoring to make sure that doesn't happen in the future 😅

@1br0wn @doctorow @cwebber

Of course, big tech involvement with open platforms comes with its own pitfalls (remember EEE?) and regulating the enforcement of specific standards has the potential to magnify those problems massively—look at IANA and the whole gTLD clusterfuck—but i think those are tractable problems and overall this proposal moves the conversation forward massively and in a very positive direction.

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I'm enjoying @1br0wn's paper, "Interoperability as a tool for competition regulation", explaining how governments can use open standards like ActivityPub to break up Big Tech monopolies. Really interesting reading, and it cites Mastodon specifically as a place where interoperability has benefits to content moderation (which is something I've been saying for years!)

(h/t @doctorow for linking this!)

cc @cwebber

i went looking for something in my discord chat history with @HTHR and i found this gem

I respect and appreciate "Let me talk your ear off about neopronouns" trans people even if I myself am a "Maybe I can learn a language without gendered pronouns and then spend the rest of my life pretending to not know english" trans person.

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