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other fields: sure, roll with that materialist perspective, whatever

software tech: literally everything is literally just words. everything you build. everything you use. words,

....... the mountain goats just moved one second of audio from the beginning of Sicilian Crest to the end of An Antidote for Strychnine.

streaming media was a mistake.

why would you report an account that's already been suspended. Please, riddle me this

I want.... an inventory management system. it should be able to track one off items like books and recurring items like groceries, including sourcing information and average cost. ideally it would have a mobile interface. does anyone know if anything like this exists?

CW at night, poster's delight
CW at morning, poster's warning

thanks all! will look into possible mitigations, spammy follows suck!

Hey, question for peeps—how are you finding/why are you reporting remote accounts that have spam bios but only one or two posts? are they auto-following people? just getting boosted? is there something I should do with these accounts moderation wise?

look, i'm not saying language has DECLINED in 2000 years, but bottoms have gone from saying "et tu brute" when surprised to "KSJBDASKBDAKSBDKASBD"

shoutout to home depot for being the only place i've been catcalled by a lesbian

a person accused of having Politics in it and i could not be MORE surprised!!!!! art???? POLITICAL???????? Dearie me!!!!!

You must see for yourself! See this horrid POLITICAL game, where you beat up neonazis etc etc:

@HTHR this was like two years ago so no big if you don't remember

hey @HTHR do you remember if you had any ideas on how to improve the end game of no mistakes? I remember we talked about this but I can't remember what the idea was.

was absolutely not prepared for how much that movie was

im watching Perfect Blue tonight.... it's showing at a theater nearby

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