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censoring the world's largest and most popular repository of scholarly research is as or more unconscionable as anything else that happened today

(and to think we nearly missed this among everything else!)

of note: Action Button ( makes a compelling case that this article overstates a lot of it's claims, and that these games were more mainstream and had a wider appeal then was portrayed in this article, including many female fans (& the NYTimes author makes an embarrassing "developed with no input from women" claim that's proven wrong with one look at the credits).

and remember: this was all happening in 1995

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"So a strange phenomenon is occurring: the video characters are becoming celebrities. Shiori has an official fan club with 10,000 members and a newsletter. There are Tokimeki gatherings and merchandise.

At a recent news conference, dozens of reporters scribbled with straight faces as Konami Co., which makes Tokimeki Memorial, announced Shiori's first compact disk and previewed the two songs, 'Teach Me, Mr. Sky,' and 'Let's Go With the Wind.'"

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got turned onto today after watching the new Action Button. Haven't gotten all the way through either yet but man it's incredible how much this presages current conversations around virtual idols and vtubers. Everything old is new again, i guess.

did anyone get a weird follow from seems like some sort of follow-bot situation?

here is a form where you can sign up for auditions for a live radio play production of THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST! NO ACTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

also sign up with this form if you are interested in working in the behind-the-scenes aspects (looking for graphic designers, sound designers, anyone with experience doing live sound, anyone with experience clown wrangling)

I will be getting back to everyone who applies as soon as possible!

(pls boost!)

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youve heard of markdown, now get ready for deanup

congrats to me on being in the top 0.01% of Nana Grizol listeners, I guess spotify is good for something after all

it's that moment when the debonair, romantic city lady has been taken aback by the sudden forwardness of the rough-edged yet inexperienced tomboy. who is the naive one now? it is she, the one who assumed herself too jaded to fall for the simplicity of such acts

@KittyUnpretty i can't send you asks anymore apparently but those youtube jokes sure do be hitting differently in 2020 huh

going to start printing out the immer documentation and nailing it to my colleagues' doors, 95-theses-style.

Help I Joined A Discord Specifically To Avoid The Hassle Of Being In A Blaseball Team And You Won't Believe What Happened

UK passport requirements are straight-up "you can only leave our country if you're personal friends with an accountant" and everybody is just like. OK with that????

shit, it looks like I fucked up my dev-tools-fu and accidentally fluted back to my original team 😭 someone else will have to do this

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hey would anyone hate me if I fluted to the PODS for science

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