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Holy shit I just had the most haunted experience of my entire life.

glad about those anti-remote-spam protections i put in place on, those are paying off pretty well.

it's always funny when i come back to my cybre tab after a few days away and i end up liking everybody's 2 day old posts before i realize

Google removes yet another FOSS application from the Google Play store because it links to its website which links to its Patreon

Walled gardens strike again

cutting my milk open to count the rings and see if it's expired or not

Since today is apparently the day when I need to remind people of that, yes they are minors on Mastodon. Even minors who are posting selfies of themselves.
Please, before commenting on their selfies, take a time to think what you are going to say to them is appropriate. Would you say that to a teenager IRL?

thinking about pushing a CSS update to just remove avatars, since they're so broken

just to summarize: DigitalOcean Spaces is down, they won't say why or how long it's going to be until it's back up. I'm really disappointed in their reliability lately, especially because we chose them specifically to avoid the reliability issues that other block storage providers have. Next time, I'll make sure to get an SLA up front.

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maybe we should do this on purpose. image-free fridays. just pretend it's a text-only interface

a nice night browsing the local timeline tonight. <3 you all

So faded rn I wanted to queue up beach house in spotify and ended up halfway through booking a tour of a condo in Miami Dade County before I realized my error

Okay all, sorry for the inconvenience! the queue backup should be fixed now and things should be back to normall

medical cw 

might be having an allergic reaction to my second covid shot. my body is a parody of itself.

hey quick question. anyone got a favorite order to watch columbo in. no reason for asking, thanks in advance.

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