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RIP, end of an era... I'm one of the few Fedi users who have never changed instances, but it's time to move on...

All those posts will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

@niconiconi same for me. i have never changed primary instance, even though i do have an account on a misskey instance (but i don't like interface misskey's as much). it's really sad that is shutting down

@niconiconi Did you lose anything when a Mastodon instance went down?
@niconiconi That's how Internet is. Maybe you can contact to let them archive it?
@niconiconi damn
such is the nature of this network, without a massive corporate backer it is all ephemeral

@chjara Back in the Usenet era, the entire history of all NNTP servers can be archived and replayed later, using just a mbox file. You can still read threads from the late 80s as if it was unfolding in real time. Fedi needs something like this.

The privacy situation is entirely different, though. Most Fedi users will probably reject any large-scale, server-wide archives. But I think some preservation can still be done at a smaller scale, for example, archiving posts in one's own timeline or single-user instance for personal use.

@chjara @niconiconi i dunno if that would guarantee anything most stuff at Google seems pretty ephemeral for example btw, welcome to my instances (SN.Angry.Im & Comfy.Social) too if you want 😉 Been running since 2017 and still going.

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